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Our team will book you in for an initial consultation (around 25 mins) for £20 in central Brighton.

After that, sessions are usually weekly and last 45/50 mins.

How long will treatment take?  Typically the NHS sees people for 11 sessions although this is only a guide, we can often make a change after a few (4-5) sessions.  For you, this will depend on your specific needs, but many people that we see have three or four sessions weekly and then spread subsequent ones further apart.

This also helps for economic budgeting, as although CBT is more expensive than counselling, it often works quicker, and can work meeting fortnightly rather than weekly..

Your therapist will review your progress with you regularly, and we will keep the work focussed to your goals.

Please call 01273 917447 to book an initial session or email us at

Book A Session

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