Our Fees

Fee Structure

Initial Meeting: £20

Fees in (brackets) are for meeting after 5:45

Clinical Lead: £85 (£90) Monday or Friday

Accredited CBT Therapist: £65  (£70)

Experienced Counsellor: £47 (£52) Wednesday

Training CBT Therapist: £25  (when available)

Extensive, specialist training in CBT means that fees tend to be higher than other forms of counselling, however when used effectively, CBT tends to work faster.

Our initial £20 consultation gives you the opportunity to meet us and establish that we are the right service for you. Going forward, people typically begin with 3-4 sessions over a month or so, and this often becomes a couple of meetings a month after that.

If you would like to meet but feel that you cannot afford it, we commonly meet people less frequently, planning tasks outside of therapy that will help in between sessions.

A range of experienced, accredited CBT Therapists at Brighton CBT Service and the Clinical Lead limited availability represent our premier service.

Experienced counsellors who have undertaken substantial CBT training as well as clinical trainees who are engaged in CBT training form our mid-price service and lower cost services.

£10 for the initial 20 minute session will need to be paid for in advance, 3 or more sessions are also usually paid in advance after that. For our terms, see here.

Follow up sessions can be paid a month in arrears, or we can bill you or your company session by session, therefore in the first month you will typically pay for 3 sessions and then not pay again until the beginning of the month after next.